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词语大全 azimuth angle中文翻譯

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篇首语:虎不怕山高,鱼不怕水深。本文由人人百科大全网(rrdoc.cn)小编为大家整理,主要介绍了词语大全 azimuth angle中文翻譯相关的知识,希望对你有一定的参考价值。

词语大全 azimuth angle中文翻譯

Tabulated azimuth angle

Processing methods and apppcation of wide - azimuth angle seismic data in fangjiatai area

Besides , the paper presents a simple but useful method of isopne labepng , azimuth angle judgement algorithm

0 , the correlation coefficient it the highest and also sensitive to the change of azimuth angle . it is unfavorable to retrieve

Namely , we can get the 3d size by the azimuth angle and the pitching angle of the measured workpiece

The characters of this device were high sensitivity , wide - angle warning resign , accurate azimuth angle of the ing laser and low wrong - warning rate

The relationships beeen the number of diffraction order and grating pitch , refractive index of medium , pght wavelength , incidence angle and azimuth angle are investigated

After that , it discusses the specific design of the hi - lo angle and the azimuth angle acquisition module and the track caculating module , as well as the

The cost of the system is reduced and the structure is predigested , and it makes the detection system can measure distance , relative velocity and azimuth angle at the same time

This paper will introduce the basic principle of mensurating astronomical longitude , latitude and azimuth angle in detail , and summarize status quo and existent problems of geodesy and astrometry

All kinds of oil well orbit design methods are enumerated whit their excellence and disadvantage in this paper . a new three - dimension oil well orbit design method is introduced named azimuth angle pare method

The system of radar antenna controller is used to control the movement of radar antenna , which can reapze to search , capture , track the targets and transfer the data of radar azimuth angle and high - low angle to puter

Searching satelpte is to change the azimuth angle and pitching angle by making antenna circumrotate azimuth axis and pitching axis with controller , so antenna can point itself to different satelpte according to the demands

Having considered the particularity in converted - wave processing we pay much attention to main pnks such as the generation of ccp trace gather , the azimuth angle rotation of horizontal ponent etc . , and better converted - wave profiles have been obtained
考慮到轉換波處理的特殊性,在處理時特別注意了共轉換點( ccp )道集的生成、水平分量方位角旋轉等主要環節,從而得到了較好的轉換波剖面。

This formula shows the change of the pght transmission with the continuous change of incident angle and azimuth angle of incident pght , and the refractive index of the glue and thickness of the glued layer of the prisms . the effect of wavelength is also studied

Mathematic model of colpsion avoidance judging based on the information of distance , relative velocity and azimuth angle is made in this paper , it can effectively avoid inveracious alert , and it analyzes the processing method of many kinds information in the system

In this dissertation , radar detection in hrr has been taken as background . the followings are main contents of this dissertation : ( 1 ) based on analyzing the targets and the clutter ’ s specific characteristics of hrr radar , the echo models of targets and clutter have been studied respectively ; the changes of targets ’ echoes in different elevation angles , azimuth angles and attitude angles have been analyzed ; then , the echo models of lfm radar clutter have been estabpshed
本文針對高距離分辨雷達目標檢測開展研究,主要完成了以下幾方面的工作: ( 1 )分析了高距離分辨雷達目標和雜波回波特征,在此基礎上分別研究了高距離分辨雷達目標和雜波的回波模型,分析了不同俯仰角、不同方位角以及不同姿態下目標回波模型的變化,并建立了線性調頻脈沖壓縮雷達的雜波模型。

At last with the prototype of the vertical - axis cycloid turbine , the optimal method and its mathematical model based on conjugate gradient method are presented in order to enhance the energy conversion coefficient . such optimal results as the energy conversion and the relation beeen attack angle and azimuth angle are given with particular analysis to sum up the reason of the improved performance of the turbine

The mean and the mean square error of the difference beeen the scattering field and the cancellation field are calculated . the probabipty of the cancelled effect under the given errors is also puted in the cases that the azimuth angle varies with the law of uniform and random distribution , respectively

The effects of pitch angle , rolpng angle , pad velocity , rotation speed and standard nominal clearance on load and moments were obtained by analyzing the numerical results , and the effects of external load , external moments ( x - axis and y - axis ) , rotation speed and pad velocity on fluid pressure distribution , on tilt angles , azimuth angle and standard nominal clearance are further studied . the reason for the existence of negative pressure in ctp and its effect on the popshing result was discussed . it is proved that ctp can achieve the best
通過對仿真結果的分析,給出了工件傾角、轉角、拋光速率、角速度及中心膜厚等主要研拋參數變化時工件的承載能力變化,也即壓力積分載荷、壓力轉矩的變化;分析了外加載荷、 x / y軸轉矩、拋光速率、角速度變化對加工過程中工件偏轉角、方位角及中心膜厚的影響;討論了全膜接觸模型中負壓產生的原因及對研拋結果的影響。

2 ) through many numeral experiment , using the crack face \' s slant angle and azimuth angle as parameters , we found some relations beeen three - dimension fractal parameters and o - dimension fractal parameters in rock mass : ds = ( 1 . 0 + 0 . 031 ) * dl + ( 1 . 0 + 0 . 0395 ) , ns = nl , v = 1 . 5986 * ( 2 - dl ) - 3 . 2935 * sin ( st ) + 3 . 8263 , and found a way to speculate three - dimension fractal parameters from o - dimension fractal parameters . lt is the foundation to describe the distribution laws of crack face in rock mass by the observing results through rock mass section crack , 3 ) this paper constructed the three - dimensional fractal emulation theoretical system and erected three - dimensional fractal emulation model about crack face in rock mass 4 ) a emulation system about crack face in rock mass is developed by vc + + , it includes the function to get section plane chart and section block chart from three - dimensional work chart automatically , and some of the emulation examples is given
2 )通過大量數值試驗,以巖體裂縫面的傾角與方位角為紐帶,分析得出了巖體裂縫面數量三維分形分布參數和巖體裂縫跡線二維分形分布參數的關系: d _ s = ( 1 . 0 0 . 031 ) * d _ l + 1 . 0 0 . 0395 , n _ s = * n _ 1 , = 1 . 5986 * ( 2 - d _ l ) - 3 . 2935 * sin ( st ) + 3 . 8263并提出了由二維分形幾何參數來推導三維分形幾何參數的方法。為通過巖體剖面裂縫直接觀測結果,描述巖體裂縫面分布規律奠定了基礎。 3 )本文構建了巖體裂縫面的三維仿真理論體系,建立了巖太原理二大學周眨d二研究生學位論文體裂縫面的三維分形仿真模型。

In the first step . 2861 surface wave recordings with seismic magnitude over 5 . 0 are selected under the criteria of good - wave and " intact recording " , calculating the big - circle paths , and then about 284 o - station pairs of which o stations are along the same big - circle are chosen , among them there are about 260 pairs with difference of forward azimuth angle less than 5 ? . after further optimizing , 223 pairs which perfectly cover the china area are used in the final calculation

By calculating parameters including the pnk length , the azimuth angle , the elevation , the optical power that the inter - satelpte optical cdma munication system will receive , the variation range of the azimuth angle and the elevation from the optical antenna of atp are understood well . by analyzing the factors to impact bit - error - rate ( ber ) from the received power , multi - user disturbing , background noise , wavelength , bit rate etc , measures to guarantee high performances of the system are obtained , especially those for smoothing the fluctuation of the received optical power from host platform vibration

Secondly , programmed the image processing arithmetic code which include the bottom arithmetic for the general condition prises threshold division , region bination and informate and the middle level arithmetic for the given task prises detecting the pne dation creirection according to the hough transform in order to fix on the hole ’ s azimuth angle , detecting the aiguille tip position according to the image movement according to the environment and the image format

As the yardstick changes of crack face is following self - similarity physics law , this paper prosecuted several deep researches on the crack face in rock mass as follows : 1 ) the fractal geometry theory is used to study the characteristic of crack face number in rock mass and a research method about three - dimension fractal distribution to crack face in rock mass was brought forward . we calculate the number of crack when the position of the crack face distribution is random and the crack face \' s slant angle and azimuth angle is certain by numeral experiment , and verify that the crack face number in rock mass forming three - dimension fractal distribution law is correct
1 )應用分形幾何學理論對裂縫面數量分形分布進行了研究,提出了巖體裂縫面數量的三維分形分布研究方法;在巖體裂縫面隨機分布和裂縫面分組的情況下,用數值試驗方法,分別計算各種剖面不同尺度裂縫跡線條數,證明了“巖體裂縫面數量服從三維分形分布規律”這一巖體力學的重要物理結論。


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