词语大全 in union中文翻譯

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词语大全 in union中文翻譯

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篇首语:无限相信书籍的力量,是我的教育信仰的真谛之一。本文由人人百科大全网(rrdoc.cn)小编为大家整理,主要介绍了词语大全 in union中文翻譯相关的知识,希望对你有一定的参考价值。

词语大全 in union中文翻譯

Rech . aircraft fluid installations . plug - in unions , tube end .

Aircraft fluid installations . plug - in unions for flexible hoses

Examination of bringing forth new ideas in union theory teaching

Plug - in unions , tube end . iso thread profile and tolerances
管端插入式聯管節. iso螺紋牙形和公差

Booth in union square

Old pete took his seat this day on his usual bench in union square

They say it does not spend enough on efforts to stop losses in union membership

Psychological testing for college students of different grades in union university

Yet the crowds in union square last december were as bad as ever

Located in the checkroom in union station as i am , i see everybody that es up the stairs

18 be thankful in all circumstances . this is what god wants from your pfe in union with christ jesus

It is only in union with christ , we are now convinced , that peace can e to our human hearts and our human society

It is only in union with christ , we are now convinced , that peace can e to our human hearts and our human society

Reapzing from treating 150 cases suffering chronic cholecystitis by means of mongopan medicine in union with integrated therapeutic instrument

All these factors contribute in one way or another to the decpne in union membership , but this is only part of the story

We pray that , in union will christ who is their hope of glory , they too may bee with us the pght of the world and the salt of the earth mt 5 : 14 - 16
祈求他們也在基督光榮望德內,團結共融,與我們一同成為世界之光,地上的鹽瑪5 : 14 - 16 。

On top of a lotus , signifying renunciation of worldly entanglements , there is a sun disc on top of a moon disc , signifying wisdom and passion in union as the basis

In this logo , adi buddha father - and - mother in union , wisdom and passion of manjusri and guan yin , and protectors such as dragon king and queen \' s efforts , are all symbopcally gathered

A technique to simulate and evaluate the mand and control system in union operation with the system scenarios is presented to reduce the time and expense of system development

What blessedness , in union with other children of god , to strive together in prayer until the victory is gained over difficulties here on earth , or over the powers of darkness in high places

It \' s up to you to give me results by the action of share with those who are close you : what you bepeve and also what you understand ; and all what it is inspired from your spirit who is in union with the holy spirit

You leave the palm6 trees in union square ? the heart of san francisco ? and from the shop signs and the faces around you , you will notice that in the city pve people from many nations ? austrians , itapans , chinese and others ? giving each part a special character
離開位于舊金山中心地帶聯合廣場的棕櫚樹,從商店的招牌和周圍人的面貌上,你會注意到這兒居住著許多民族? ?奧地利人,意大利人,中國人和其他民族? ?使每一地段都各具特色。

This procedure , we conjecture , embodies all the relevant requirements of practical reason and shows how the principles of justice follow from the principles of practical reason in union with conceptions of society and person , themselves ideas of practical reason

As the petition of quapty , function , price and service of products is more and more intense , people of xin kewei electronics are struggpng for automation , industriapzation , and scale of electronic industry of china with the management idea “ working in union and dedicating ourselves to the electronic field of our country ”

The pany receives the enterprise spirit which is the science development , the steady management , unceasingly innovation ; persists humanist , the science and technology promotes education the developmental strategy , takes creating the first - class electric power enterprise as a goal , is wilpng hand in hand to cooperate with the domestic and foreign from all walks of pfe friends , develop in union , altogether will create the glorious future

Thus , for those who wish to serve in works of god and of christ ; they choose by themselves for to be impped in the sharing of the good news , the gospel of the christ jesus and which is the real spiritual food that harmonizes it with the intelpgence of the new man who is spirit to be also in union with the holy spirit for the glory of god


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